NO SVSM 2020

SVSM 2020 has been cancelled, long live the super fly!


Since March this year, we have all been experiencing a period of upheaval. Despite our attempts to maintain the SuperVliegSuperMouche festival this summer by postponing the date from June 14 to August 30, we regret that we have to cancel this edition entirely. The conditions are no longer in place for the festival to be able take place in 2020 in its current form.

We were full of hope and had a great desire to propose a crazy and off-beat edition while reorganizing our calendar. But the situation imposes another scenario, which is particularly difficult to accept because the meeting of people and the crossing of audiences is our very DNA. The theme of SVSM 2020 revolved around the link between human and animals ... it couldn't be any more contemporary!

Let's think together how we can see the future of our adventure. We have a role to play in this health crisis that affects everyone but the most vulnerable even more. Thanks to artists, creative people, health professionals and all those working towards social solidarity, we will manage to overcome this trying time. 

Thank you also for your enthusiasm and support for our common project. Let us not lose morale. SVSM 2020 is dead, long live the super fly!

It is impossible to announce a date for 2021 at this time. Give us the time to look into alternative paths related to our manifesto, our desire for synergies, and let's keep in touch! One thing is for sure, SuperFly will keep on buzzing!

On behalf of the entire SuperVliegSuperMouche team.

Benoît DE WAEL