Blik vooruit - Rosse Bert & artist

Performance - Surprise - NL/FR/ENG

BLIK VOORUIT surprised you with their shopping cart in the street and invited people to turn their dreams into reality.

Visitors to a supermarket are challenged by a simple question to think about a dream they have. The dreamers are linked to a visual artist who, with a small work of art mounted in a shopping trolley, captures the dream of the shopping person. Then the work of art is put into a tin can, sealed and neatly labelled with an expiration date.

Suddenly, you were given a beautifully designed tangible dream, with an expiration date. And once at home, what does the dreamer do? Does he immediately open his work of art? Or does he wait for the expiration date?
Or does it remain a canned dream?

Artists: concept Bert De Jonghe in collaboration with visual artists Daniel Scott, Emile Astrid Rambeaux & Benoit Brasseur