Talking Gongs - Floris Vanhoof

Music - Park Art - All ages - Wordless

Communicating cymbals in trees

Floris picked out two trees in the park to let his cymbals communicate. The gongs act as loudspeaker membranes that translate pre-recorded vibrations into sound. Waves that originate in small electronic circuits are translated outwards by the large physical objects. As the signal alternates between both gongs, these disk shapes seem to communicate with each other. With this installation Floris Vanhoof found a way to translate the electronic sounds that he plays on homemade musical circuits to an ongoing soundscape. Vibrations make reverb while traveling through the shiny metal alloy of the gongs. This enhances our spatial sense of the two-dimensional disks floating in the cubes in the trees like communicating bird nests.

Ongoing : 12:00>19:00